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HELLO Saturday. Guess what happened on Friday?

lol. These people are hilarious. Was walking to Coldstorage when a Chinese lady tapped me on my shoulder and said that I had the face that they were looking for in a model and shoved a name card into my hands. I must have stared right into her eyes because she was stammering when she said she's not trying to sell me anything. ARE YOU SERIOUS LADY? What do you take me for? Spring chicken?

She quickly whips out a notebook with girls names and numbers in it. I was asked my name and she wrote it under no.75. Um. OKAY. She was all "Do you speak Chinese". I was "No, sorry". So she hollered her colleague "Sky" over. "Sky" came over and I asked "How do I know if this is not a scam?". So he went on about how the agency has been around in Singapore for 14 years (1998) and that they have models from babies to 80 year-old grandmas. That their clients are Triumph, Style Magazine, car shows, bridal fairs, yadda yadda yadda. That I should come in for an interview. That they were not looking for runway models but "local" faces. Uh-huh. I asked about portfolios and he said I should come in for an interview first. 

So I gave them an old prepaid number that was no longer in use. Thankfully so because after spending the evening double-triple checking up on them online, I found forums and blogposts associating them with 'scam' and 'warning' and 'trap'.

If it really were a reputable agency, why aren't there any positive reviews or experiences contributed by current/past models to defend its integrity?

Tyra no likey
It seems that they have regular scouting spots in Bugis, City Hall and Orchard Rd where they would ask just about anyone with a 'kind' disposition or friendly face to get their names and numbers. Once they have contacted you, they would invite you to their office which would be furnished with glossy photographs of models and walls painted with the crushed sparkly dreams of glamour and fame. And they would say that you would be required to pay an upwards of $100 for professional photographs to show to potential clients. With no guarantee that you will ever be hired. None whatsoever. So the risk, is entirely yours to bear. The only consolation is that if, you do get a gig, you as a freelancer has the option to turn it down should it be against your morals or tastes or for whatever reason. That is if you get a gig. IF. 

There is another option with no upfront costs or portfolio fees required, however, that would mean being contracted to the company for 2 years or more depending on the terms with no say on what gig you want to participate in. 

I mean, let's be real. These agencies are preying on the dreams and vanity of people. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. A reputable, trustworthy agency should NOT ask for upfront payments, especially large amounts of hundreds  to thousands of dollars. If they really are genuine about acquiring you as a talent, they would invest on getting those photographs taken of you under the company's budget. It should be a risk that they had to take, not you. 

I'm calling out EXPLOITATION OF DREAMS here. Do not fall for them okay my beautiful people. Don't let them put thoughts into your head. I have to admit, while I'm flattered that I was somewhat spotted, I am also horrified at the number of years that these agencies have been around targeting people. 

The truth is the modelling world is incredibly harsh and competitive. In Asia especially, if you're not 5'7" (girls), skinny, mixed, with symmetrical features, you can fugetaboutit. It's not going to be easy and bear in mind that there's no such thing as a free lunch.  

If indeed you do intend on being a model, it's okay to go for the interviews, just remember stay alert and be sure to read the fine print.   

For more info: GOOGLE and check out these sites

Lengthy post is lengthy.


Don't fall for modelling scams and if you do think you have what it takes, be prepared to face rejection and bear the costs of setting up your own portfolio. Just like a sole proprietor. 


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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