White Noise at La Soirée Blanche @ZIRCA

It might have been a snowfall outside ZIRCA last Sunday night and no one would have been the wiser. The La Soirée Blanche drew a crowd decked in white for a charity fashion show organized by Raffles Merchandise Institute in collaboration with local designer extraordinaire Jen Su of gutsy label SPUNKPUNKFUNK. White outs are positively the hardest color to pull off as the notorious VPL (visible panty line) and other physical assets tend to be exaggerated even more. I decided to rock a vintage high-neck laced mini dress and dare-devil black wedges with my hair pulled back into a high ponytail. 
Don't be late! The first 160 attendees were entitled to a goodie bag each filled with a pair of SONY earphones, a NYLON magazine, candy floss, some candy, a glass bottle (don’t ask me why) and a host of discount vouchers from various sponsors. In typical fashion mode, flash photography was the name of the game with officials and amateurs spotting camera gear that resembled weaponry. The crowd certainly knew what they were doing. Camwhoring galore. 
The runway offering was the complete opposite of the dress code. Forget innocent white. Instead, think toxic colors that hike up your blood pressure. Splashes of neon, loud flora and fauna print, layers of daring rainbow hybrids, and sharp sleek cuts ran amok on the catwalk. Pounding Top40s music and Katy Perry's Wide Awake that’s been butchered, resynthesized, and mashed with Usher’s O.M.G set the walking rhythm for lengthy leggy models caked in glitter. Jen Su certainly knows how to fire-up one funky wild outfit after the other. My favourite was a printed sailor's mid-drift jacket although that model strut way too quickly for me to capture. 
The MCs were an odd rambunctious bunch from in988, an online broadcasting site and odder still was a random CPOP song complete with dancers clad in skin-tight leather. I suppose what really took its toil on the crowd was the endless cheesiness piled on by the MCs as I noticed people slipping out for a breath of fresh air. This party may have been named in French but fake French speak is not cute at all. 
Not quite the fashion show I was expecting. It was outrageous, psychedelic and fun. And granted, no decent partying starts before midnight. What then was I expecting? Anything but fromage. I'd say wait for the official photographs for a clearer look at the designs. Until then, let me fill you in with these.

Me and my brother Justin ready at the gates of party central.
The MCs doing a little jig to Gangnam Style. 
Camera Inception. Me taking you taking him taking him.
My classmate Denny and I playing it cool. lol. 


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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