Four Day Weekend

It all began on an innocuous Friday. Anxiety was wearing off. I was prepared and yet not quite for my mid-term. Apparently we were given all 10 chapters of an obscenely thick Management Accounting book to cover. With no guideline as to which topics to look out for, the exam was going to be intense. 60 multiple choice questions and 6 full-on problem solving ones with sub sections of i, ii and iii, you get the drift. Thankfully, I finished all 60 mcqs however only managed 3 out of the 6 problem ones. It was like I've been shot multiple times at point blank and no kevlar to protect me. Only mid-terms you say. Yes, that was a 50% weightage test. Finals is going to be so much fun. I can feel it in my hypothetical balls.

Saturday. Research proposal dateline day but it was extended til next week. Did some last minute adjustments on my proposal on Friday night. Was meant to hand it up as a draft at first but lecturer said it needed no other revisions and was good to go. I skilfully hide my joy when I handed it off as the official proposal and headed off. Guess it's time to start on the research this week. Will be pounding the hallways for unsuspecting participants for my very super, secret, world domination research plans so watch out!

Saturday didn't just end like that. Oh no. So I completed my slides for Monday's presentation. I mean it's slides. Seriously, stuff like that gets done in less than 30 minutes. Then I made off to *SCAPE for some flea market hunting. Needed to take a break from all that school nonsense and dive into the piles of  treasure for some marvellous finds. I was feeling a little self-indulgent.

Girly charms and a wide-eyed cat ring

It was a hot, hot, sweltering, humid and baking day. I was soaking wet. That's what she said. Yup. But the finds were divine and well-worth it. I'll make a separate post on the haul but only after I've settled from the rest of the week. On and there's revision and finals. In total, I spent $58 on 19 articles of clothing, 2 rings and a bracelet. Yea. Chew on that GSS. Okay, I know, this is a flea market. Some of the stuff are lightly worn and previously loved. But hey, I just expanded my wardrobe for a fraction of what it costs to buy me a high-street branded top. Plus everything was in great condition and half of them are actually brand new! Well, well, well. Status of piggy bank? Not even a spider crack.

Today! The Sunday. I'll be volunteering at the SNG today and next week as well. Not that its compulsory for me to take up volunteering work however, it seemed like a opportunity to widen my horizons plus it'll look smashing on official record. Only thing I don't quite fancy, the shade of purple that comes with the uniform jersey. Ah well.

Monday is presentation day. Gotta love presentations because everyone will be dressed to look like office workers and somehow their faces don't quite match their outfits. Perhaps I've been viewing them in a t-shirt and jeans light all those terms. And what better way to soak up the attention with all eyes on you during a presentation. That's right people of C202. You have no choice but listen to me babble about all that technical and managerial jargon that you don't give a damn about. The perfect torture in formal wear.



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