A Spoonful of Sugar Tastes Ever So Bitter

A cold shiver runs up my spine as the page for the controversial online dating site Seeking Arrangement loads. I must have had a powerful dose of Alice's curiosity to eventually spend a few hours combing the Internet for information on this blatant money for "dates" model. Indeed the founder, a Singaporean nerd who got tired of being constantly rejected by women has decided to screw away the pleasantries and get right to it by brazenly allowing older wealthy men to dive into a very welcome pool of debt-ridden younger women. These men are labelled as Sugar Daddies who are given access to profiles of willing women classified as Sugar Babies whereby each party is given the opportunity to make whatever mutual beneficial arrangement that both parties see fit. Such arrangements might include gifts in the form of jewellery, branded clothes, overseas trips, cars, paid-for living expenses and even tuition fees for university students.  Bear in mind that the site exploits the mutual arrangement of the two consenting adults as a loophole to escape the very essence of it being a pimping agency of global magnitude.

Throw in the rich older men with urges and desperate young women with bills to pay and there you have it. Everyone gets what they really want. Or do they? No emotional attachment. Money for women and sexual favours or companionship for the men. Indeed, the site directly acknowledges that men look at faces and women at bank accounts.

Perhaps the scariest part in all of this is the growing number of Sugar Babies who do not mind finding themselves in the arms of a much older man, no doubt loaded sponsor who would most likely be already married, knowing that they'll risk the dangers of online dating and embrace their materialistic natures full on at the expense of their own moral standings.

Then again, who am I to judge? In such rough economic times, even the educated find themselves ready to do just about anything to be debt-free and gain financial control over their lives. For most of them, selling themselves would be considered a small price to pay for the sake of attending a prestigious school or attaining a certain high-maintenance lifestyle. But just like high-end hooking, the more they earn, the tougher it is to extract oneself from. More so, imagine the turn of events should a graduate bump into one of her Sugar Daddies at a work setting? How will it bode for her career in the future?

Would I do it? Nope. As much as I worship brand labels and lust for exotic trips around the world, I would not give my body up for the purpose of gaining such luxuries. No, I'm not a goody-two shoes who shuns this lifestyle with my nose in the air but this is simply not for me. It takes a certain personality and character to pull this one off. Balls of steel and rhino skin included. And no level of desperate financial situation will change my mind. No, this has nothing to do with being confident of one's sexuality. I am perfectly proud and comfortable with who I am thank you. So, I guess this means one less Sugar Baby eh?


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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