Fashion Fever 2012

Ever wondered what it would be like if all your favourite online shops were made physical right in front of you and instead of imagining what that electric blue bandage dress feels like under your skin, you're wearing it, touching it, and well, you're buying it. Of course.

Make no mistake though, this year's Fashion & IT Showcase at Suntec Convention Centre also features IT accessories although that section is tiny compared to the smorgasbord of fashion merchants lining the hall. My mind whirls dangerously and I start to salivate at the discount signs. I grit my teeth and my wallet as I peruse each booth, each with their own unique backdrop set up just like you'd imagine, a pop-up from your computer screen. Real and tangible.

There's a general rule of thumb when browsing through any fashion fair/expo. First come first serve. I'd hate to retell tales of many a fair maiden who sigh because they were a minute late from grabbing the last perfect little flouncy dress or last available size. It certainly pays to arrive early to these fairs and try not to deliberate to long on whether or not you should or should not buy whatever you've set your eye on. Never. For once you leave that item alone, it's somebody else's already. It's called retail therapy for a reason and not guilt-tripping. Enjoy yourselves. A little competitive spirit wouldn't hurt too.

Dresses and tops were going between S$15 and S$30 in most booths. While some stores only offered a mere 20% off, there were others such as EarlGreyParty and TheScarletRoom who were having a Clothes Buffet. Of which I was completely and entirely oblivious to on the first day because of the long serpentine lines that had taken hold there. Nope, no feelings of regret here. At such a clothes buffet event like the one TheScarletRoom were having, for just S$30 you are given 3 minutes to stuff as much clothing from selected racks/boxes in a flat plastic bag of 12"x14". Yup, again, the ones at the beginning of the lines are at an advantage. They are given first choice and first pick. Arrive late and you'll be stuck with leftovers. Everyone knows that leftovers suck unless you plan on doing a DIY Project Runway thingy at home.

In fact, all stores should try their hands at a clothes buffet. An excellent method for clearing inventory and ridding yourself from those dreadful profit sucking storage costs. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. (●´∀`●)

As with any fashion showcase, a sizeable catwalk was set up right at the end of the hall next to a huge DJ booth. Not exactly FWNY but it'll do. Now these babes on the catwalk are the real deal. I'm talking 5'8" and above and those symmetrical features. I'll do cute. kyaa~ but if a random stranger hurls a model comment at me, they're either trying to sell me something or be condescending. Seems to be the trend these days. Sigh. Sincerity is dead these days.

There was ultimately something for every fashion-conscious being although most booths were geared towards a female audience. If you're looking for clean lines and crisp edges, there's Feist&Heist. If you're the glamour girl, Her Velvet Vase is the place to fulfil all your color and glitter urges. Wanting that splash of flavour and fun in your wardrobe, try ModParade. As far as I can recall, menswear can be found at Drifters, WSDM, and Access-ed. Don't fret my manly man readers, there's something for you too. This goes out to all the boyfriends whom I noticed were turned into personal shopping bag carriers and bodyguards. "Hold this for me honey!" a flustered young brunette in floral print pushed her handbag onto her boyfriend and dove into a booth to grab a dress before a group of girls were able to get their hands on it. Victory for girlfriend! Nil for the high-schoolers. 1-0.

Not every store featured in the showcase is an online retailer per se. Although it goes to show that having an online presence is just as substantial as any physical brick-and-mortar set-up just by gauging the size of the crowds gathered at their booths. It's the age of the fashiongeek baby! Where have you been?

Here's them pics:
Gotta love those posh, prim and proper dresses.
Where's everyone gone to? 
Hey you there! You should be out engaging people!
From Catwalkclose. I am a sucker for ribbon back details. 
Ohvola and Access-ed. Practically bursting at the seams with people. Vantage position being right in front of the catwalk. Dresses from $15 to $30. 
 Candy colors and shocking pink!
Sure looks like they were lining up for a club. Oh hey it's the clothes buffet. STUFF YER BAGS!
Not enuff accessories. 
Episene. Interesting no? Slate grey. The perfect urban camouflage.
It was their meticulous color-coding that got me all excited. That and those glitter hot pants.
Statement makers. 
Kae Hana. Dude here was so funny. He got all hyper and bubbly when the models came over with their portfolios.  I would too!
Clothes you could play with. Just roll around on the playground. Sit on a swing. Wee~
Victoria Jomo. OMG Why is that lady staring at me. I swear, I took like 5 shots of her booth and all of them have her staring at me. Damn lady. Chill. Why you so scary?
Look at how the models tower over the MC. Those legs!
Tada~ This picture has zero edits. Cheese ball smiley me.
Special spotlight feature coming soon. Stay tuned!


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