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If only real posters were this arty.
Platform 9 and 3/4s
I am a proud Potterhead. That's what we call ourselves. Potterfan doesn't have that certain ring to it as Potterhead. Aye, we are a proud breed. So delighted I was to know that the Harry Potter Exhibition would take place from the 2nd of June to the 30 September 2012 at the Singapore ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands. How my heart quivers! Ticket prices are SG$24 and visitors are given the opportunity to view the Andy Warhol Exhibit as well for a package deal of SG$28. And because I am locally residing in Singapore, I get the package deal for SG$24. Two for the price of one! I must confess though, I am not a Warhol fan at all. Not even after this. Nope. Not a convert. He'll have to do a lot better to convince me although his influence is greatly felt in the commercial and fine arts world today. That I won't deny.

Harry Potter is not just for children. It's for those who have an appreciation for good writing, character development and want a jolly good time traversing the wizarding world revolutionized by J.K. Rowling. Perhaps, no other author has had a more profound effect on what magic and wizardry means in today's world than Rowling does. While it would please me greatly to delve into the details of the books and what Harry Potter is, I'll assume that if you have been alive and conscious of pop culture this past decade that you know who I am referring to. So, I've just saved you from going "What? More words and no pics? Not even a boob shot to keep me interested?" Still wondering who Harry is? Always remember that Google is your best friend. Yes! It's that kid in the rounded glasses, lighting scar on his forehead and messy black hair. That's the one. The boy who lived. 
Voldy, you are so dumb. 

Unfortunately there's a no photography policy for the exhibition. Disappointed? You and me both pal. I was intently looking forward to making monkey faces at a Dementor and post it for all the Muggle world to see what a brave soul I am. Instead, have some super secret shots of some of the merchandise being sold at the Potterstore.

As always with these museum exhibits a photo spot would be set up and visitors would be pretty much forced to go through with it just before entering. You get offered a scarf in the house colors of red, green, blue or yellow and some wands, although I wasn't offered a wand. Which doesn't really matter because the souvenir-photo which you can view and collect at the giftshop was horrendously overpriced. Uh, no thank you.

Oh look! Moving pictures. THIS BE MAGIC!
Next in line is the waiting room with all the film posters and a cascading air curtain with the words Harry Potter shining through. After waiting for approximately 5 minutes, a costumed staff member with an obviously put-on albeit crystal clear British accent led us to the sorting hat room. Upon a tiny stage, the grubby old hat was placed above the heads of volunteers (in this case, children) and a speaker from behind (oddly) relayed that both girls were sorted into Gryffindor. Oh what a surprise! /s I was hoping that the hat was a muppet because in the movies it had a mouth and wrinkly eyes.

Onwards, we were led into a dark room with led screens displaying a movie montage from all the 8 films. Nice touch to jog our otherwise Avengers, Batman, Spiderman filled minds that Harry Potter is still very much alive. Hohoho. A heavy curtain is lifted to reveal the Hogwarts Express complete with smoke effects and a staff member in costumed holding a lantern. Welcome, welcome!

Super secret shot of the houses' banners. Nothing revealing okay? So if any staff member from the museum sees this, it's just banners. Not like a Hadgrid underpants shot or anything. Hah. 

Then we were left to wander about the exhibit to check out the movie props and costumes stationed across 8 sections: The Gryffindor Common Room, Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory, Hogwarts Classes, Quidditch, Hagrid's Hut, The Forbidden Forest, Dark Forces and The Great Hall. And remember, no photography allowed. Even for someone as stealthy as I am, it was incredibily difficult to get anything without being seen by the massive amount of staff members stationed at every corner.


There are three interactive areas within the exhibit. The first were the baby Mandrakes from the Herbology section where a whole row of plastic squealers are stationed. Just pull them up and WOOH THE SQUEALING those things make! I pulled each and every one. Even stuck my finger in their mouths ala a homage to Draco from a scene in the movie. The second is the Quidditch game where you can throw, lob, fling your Quaffles into the goal hoops. Pretty easy to score really since the height of the hoops were made to be child-friendly. The third and largely forgotten one is Hagrid's chair. Now, this half-giant's chair is greatly overlooked because it was tucked in a corner of Hadgrid's Hut but I noticed a "Please sit" sign above it and promptly planted my derieare onto it. Sitting in it made me feel incredibly tiny because the chair was so huge.

Die Dementor! DIE!
To be fair, having only one Dementor isn't quite enough. For a 4D effect, that room should have been freezing so visitors would feel their happiness draining away and then staff members would offer chocolate frogs to calm us down! Plus as wacky as this sounds, perhaps some animal-tronics would have been superb. Like a Hungarian Horntail Dragon that actually heaves and breathes fire!

I tried to take as much time as possible to linger and read each and every description however, I finished the whole tour in 45 minutes even after deliberately dragging my feet. Come to think of it, where was Dobby huh? Why do I only remember seeing Kretcher next to the Azkaban prison wear? Where's our little elf hero? I'm pretty sure I forgot where he was placed because his platform was so forgettable.

Simply put, this exhibition is not enough. It will get a little dry and boring for non-fans because at a SG$24 price tag, I would expect at least 2 whole floors and real people in costumes, and more interactive games, and a behind-the-scenes look. Now I do wish there were floating candles. Sigh.

Was so tempted to get this but I was already feeling a hole burning though my pocket. 
Film Artifact Box for all the Galleons in your dungeon. 
SG$6 a pop for these babies. 
Everything in the giftshop was beyond overpriced and with the Marauder's Map at SG$50, Scarf at SG$40, Exhibition Book at SG$30, TimeTurner necklace at SG$100, Gringotts Bank Collection for SG$75, and a Wand Collection at SG$350. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I suggest looking towards Amazon or even the Warner Bros website for lower prices.

An eye-opening experience no doubt although I would give this a half-lidded look rather than eyes wide open. Perhaps I had high expectations.

Next stop, Orlando, Florida for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park!
I'll be using Floo Powder so no need for those awful Muggle cramped flying things you call airbuses.
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