Career Fair 2012

Life you so funny haha. 
Today, I attended the STJOBS Career & Development Fair at Suntec City because a few of my pals were headed there to fulfil a class requirement. Attend the fair, take photos as proof and pass for attendance. Thankfully, I didn't need to submit something like that but since I was in the neighbourhood, I decided to just go for a look-see. No harm done. Just some casual field research to see what employers are looking for these days and how the job market currently is in Singapore. 

You guys know who you are and if you're reading this and I WAS SO ALONE ;_; 

Anyway, for each attendee, you were required to fill in a form and they would automatically create a profile for you on their site. ID required for proof of door bag collection which included a Young Parents mag (which I have no use for), an admission card for the lucky draw with the grand prize of the new iPad a.k.a iPad 3 (lol) and some pamphlets.

The fair was pretty much what you'd expect to find. Corporate booths and big brand names. Loads of serious looking faces, men and women in their office shirts pouncing up and down the booths with the ferocity of a ravenous tiger -"Give me a job!" non-smiling facial expressions. I tease. But surely, it wouldn't hurt to lighten up. Afterall there were free drinks to be had and a photobooth and tarot card readings too. It's beginning to sound like a carnival already. We're just missing candy floss, men in stilts, bearded ladies and those wacky balloon making clowns. Again, I jest.

What scared me was the fact that I stood out like a sore thumb. I did the complete tour, past Prudentials, Great Eastern, Starbucks, Burger King, Charles and Keith, Keppel, McDonalds, UPS, the works and other brand names that completely escaped me before a lady with a clipboard stopped me and asked me if I were lost. WTF. LOST?

It gets better. She said I was walking the area as if I were walking the catwalk so she wondered if I just so happened to finish my modelling gig and headed over to the next hall to satisfy my curiosity. I was so taken aback I just stood there and raised my eyebrows like a McDonalds sign. She continued to explain that there was a fashion expo next door and insisted, she INSISTED that I go over because I was in the wrong place. That fashion was more up my alley. Why thank you. I do love fashion...... and business. I sense some discrimination going on here. Although it did sound like a marketing technique that sales people love to use. Flattery. Is she complimenting me or insulting me? Can't really tell. So I proceed to ask her if she knew of any Marketing or Management booths around here and she just said "I don't know". Talk about substandard. Sigh lady, if you are working for, and asking people to fill in some survey then you should at least be aware of the offerings that are available. Then I was asked to do a survey, submit some particulars which I did because she was all "I need some names". So okay, no spam please eh. And I gave her my unopened can of drink which I took earlier on but because my hands were full of pamphlets and expo stuff, I just decided to give it to her. And because the best I could do was be nice. Nice is good. Better nice than rude.

That was a compliment wasn't it? That I didn't belong there? Or a backhanded compliment? Gosh, people. Why so complicated?

Anyway, as I found out, most of the companies were only looking to hire local Singaporeans and PRs. Foreigners like muah are out of the question. Even with my many distinctions or whatever honours, I still wouldn't cut it. Unless of course I had prior working experience and referrals which would put me in an entirely different category and under different terms.

On the bright side, the SIA booth people were really happy to see me. O-kay. The meticulously made-up flight attendant in her kebaya was all "Ooh you so pretty, you'll be selected no problem" - followed by a thousand mega-watt smile which almost blinded me eyes. Ah thank you so much. She asked me to attend their recruitment interview this August at the Sheraton Hotel. And bring friends. Ah sounds good. Anyone out there wants to join SIA? No restrictions on nationality. Basic salary and benefits amount to S$3500 monthly plus annual wage supplement of one month's basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. Plus free travel to any destination per year and discounted rates at other times. Man, all I see are dollar signs $$$. Any takers?

Interviews will be conducted on 04 August 2012 (Saturday) at:
Sheraton Towers Hotel
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230

And to finish off this post, here a picture of me at the photo booth. I decided I was worthy of the crown since everyone were busy trying to play Cowboys or Afros. Big Bang inspired a la Taeyang. Top of the World as my soundtrack baby.

I added my own take on an otherwise blah cover. Who wants to be employee of the year when you can own the world? lol
Post 2 coming right up entailing the adventures of my fashion exploration. Walk, walk fashion baby.


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