Private Affair: Marc Jacobs

Self-gratuitous evidence of Marc Jacobs love
Friday the 7th saw me out and about at the Marc Jacobs party for the Fall/Winter reveal at the Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road. The unmistakable neon hues of highlighter flamingo pink and violet synonymous with Jacob's youthful directions are the very reasons why I will always have a soft spot for his quirky, playful collections.

Of funky merch and those addictive tattoos. Stick them on like a boss!
The party was already in full swing when Mary and I arrived. Glossed-up patrons decked out in their Marc Jacobs were at the tattoo stations getting the full sticker treatment like kids at a birthday bash. At a Marc Jacobs party, one is never dull. Cute cut-out cookies, chocolate truffles and champagne amp out the fun factor while a DJ spins beats from the shop window as we get set in the mood for some pleasure buying. It's never too early for Christmas.    

Edible adorableness
It's time for some Christmas shopping!


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