Jersey Boys: All The Right Notes

From Broadway to Singapore, Jersey Boys is not your average all singing, all dancing clean-cut musical you think you know. Based on the origins and journey of the Four Seasons, the doo-wop pioneers, Jersey Boys is a story of grit, betrayal, vices and ambition where cornerstone songs such as Sherry, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Walk Like a Man, December 1963 (Oh, What a Night) and Big Girls Don’t Cry are heavy-hitters that carry the show with much nostalgia. Believe me when I say, you will know these songs and will be humming them long after.

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The Tony-Award winning musical written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, bring in a well-crafted storyline as told through the each of the eyes of the suave quartet members. The songs were carefully inserted alongside each character’s turn to reflect their own personal points of view of the story. Consisting of Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi, one of the memorable points the Four Seasons went through, was an identity crisis of choosing a suitable name. One of which the Lovers; ensued much hilarity from the audience as they tried to find a fourth “lover” (member) to complete the band.

The Four Seasons didn't quite harness the same fanfare or the cult status held by bands of the same period like the Beatles or The Rolling Stones. However, the Four Seasons were much credited for their influence on bringing and creating 50s doo-wop as they moved beyond the wholesomeness by managing to hit 24 top 40 singles from 1962 to 1968. This musical seeks to do the Four Seasons justice by reinstating that they held just as much influence and legitimacy as their contemporaries. It does exactly that and does not disappoint.

Jersey Boys is a stunning, true-to-life recreation starring Grant Almirall as the lead singer and star falsetto Valli, Kenneth Meyer as the lyrist Bob Gaudio, Emmanuel Castis plays the comic Nick Massi, and Daniel Buys is Tommy DeVito; the band’s resident bad boy. Fast-paced, backed by creative props and strong performances complete with humour and innuendos thrown in for good measure, the musical brings to light much depth and tone of the journey of discovering fame, broken relationships, reckless liaisons, the test of friendship and loyalty, and debt. It’s not a fluffy musical so toss aside your preconceptions of a clean, glossed-over fairytale and embrace the gutsy musical revolution that is Jersey Boys.

My brother and I chilling alongside Grant Almirall.
With Grant Almirall and Emmanuel Castis.
Daniel Buys doesn't look at all like his badboy onstage persona. 
In the moment with Kenneth Meyer
Irene Ang, Mediacorp artiste makes an appearance! Never thought I'd see Rosie Phua in person
Jersey Boys will be playing at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre, Singapore from the 22 of November 2012 through to the 17 of February 2013.

Untagged pics with the exception of the Irene Ang pic, are credited to Ace Kindred Cheong of American International News Service.
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