Universal Studios Singapore: Ride Them Movies

Universal Studios Singapore! Nestled on Sentosa Island, this petite entertainment park based on the biggest movie blockbusters packs quite a punch and is a must-see-go-experience for all travellers. Come one, come all!

Pro-tip 1: Buy your admission tickets online like I did. It'll save you the trouble of having to wait in line. This is a theme-park we're talking about here.

How to get there: Reach the HabourFront MRT station, go to Level 3 of Vivocity and make your way to Sentosa Island on the Shuttle train. Incredibly convenient with huge-ass signs all over. No fuss at all.

Nothing shoos away the school blues and de-stresses any post-examination leftover anxieties like hitching a ride aboard the wildest ride in the park - The Duelling Battlestar Galactica Rollercoaster.  Split into Human (Red) and Cylon (Blue) tracks, this ride takes you on multiple gravity defying spins each with their own spills and thrills however my favourite as got to be playing the enemy - the Cylon. Feet dangling like a rag doll and twisted upside down at high speed is exactly the kind of badassery a Cylon would pull on its ship. What? Starting to hate my metal guts already eh for defecting? Die Human Die!

Couldn't get a good globe thing without me looking too touristy so this balloon will have to do.
I need these and those WTF t-shirts.
Pro-tip 2: Always go to theme parks with groups of more than two people whom you can trust. As most of the rides require you to leave your belongings in a locker, I'd much rather have my bag be taken care off by my own family than open myself to locker thieves.

I went with my parents and my brother so we could easily divide up the rides as we took turns going on the roller-coaster. Empty lines and off-peak seasons are some of my favourite words. I'll make a list of them sometime. This meant unlimited rides on the Cylon as much as your stomach and ear fluids can handle. Let's just say, with the amount of miles I've clocked, I should be in space by now. In another galaxy.

Next mind-blowing ride was the Transformers: The Ultimate 3D Battle. As the storyline goes we aka young recruits climb onto the blue transformer dude outfront that everyone takes a picture with as he whisks us from battleground to battleground. Large 3-D screens and an expertly timed vehicle that jerks and swivels leaves you wanting for more. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed.

Look Mummy! No shoes!
The amount of cam-whoring people were doing with Gingerbread Man in this store was mind-blowing.
Another fan favourite is the Revenge of the Mummy indoor rollercoaster set in Egyptian splendor complete with gold bounty and gory mummies who want to steal your soul. Now I know where all the people went! Who knew so many could fit into a tiny fake Egyptian tomb?

Live shows such as Kevin Costner's 1995 Waterworld hold much nostalgia for me. I have cable tv to thank for my movie buffness and growing up, there was nothing that escaped me as I was on a daily diet of  HBO, Cinemax, Starworld, the works and this was before the age of the internet and Netflix. So yes, I am buff. Movie buffed. This is why I get invited to so many parties. So yes, we took up seats in the "Green Splash Zone" and were indeed very wet by the end of the show. I just had my hair done so it was a mixture of agitation and excitedness. Clearly, I was a very conflicted but mostly happy person that day. Expect muscled stunt men and one very agile woman as they re-enact the shortest possible version of Waterworld with pyrotechnics and jet skis.

I like your missiles mr. 
Kid got a bucketful. Can't say he wasn't warned. 
I am only here for the music. I swear.
Pro-tip 3: You will get wet or splashed by water guns, entire buckets and jet skis so be prepared. Waterproof your makeup it's not Halloween yet.

Other highlights:

New York City's Lights Camera Action hosted by Steven Spielberg or his pre-recorded self as we get taken behind the scenes of a movie set where a major hurricane gets simulated.

Mel's Dinettes. These babes will surely Shake, Rattle and Roll your skittles as they dish out tune after tune in perfect synchronicity.

Pro-tip 4: GET ON ALL THE RIDES. Everything. Even the baby ones. I could never get over the look on the faces of those who saw me as I screamed with mock terror on the Enchanted Airways. Hey, flying on dragons ain't always easy okay.

I stop traffic. Zebra-crossing and RED. 
It's one of those pictures that's worth an instagram cause I'm hipster like that.


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