Food: Raindrops Cafe @ *SCAPE Mall

It was the weekend bazaar. My greedy eyes were all over the place, measuring, sizing and contemplating one pretty frock from another while my hungry classmate who lead me to *SCAPE was rolling his eyes at me for being so fickle. It wasn't long before we got separated by a sea of eager young women who were enthusiatically booth hopping when I was called over to Raindrops Cafe for some much needed fuel.

Tucked away neatly at the corner of SCAPE, Raindrops is the perfect rest stop for tired bargain hunters and weary travellers alike. Tall but deliberately too-small-for-shelter sky blue umbrellas frames its glass-encased standalone structure. Inside, the tiny cafe seats about twenty while boosting an additional al fresco dining area. Most captivating about its decor were its industrial-like lighting made of bare light bulbs and its wiring streamed aross its ceiling, reminisent of a never-ending party.

Fish and Chips
Deep fried pacific cream dory coated with home-made beer batter served with truffle fries and baby green salad. The fish was delicious. Sweet soft-flesh and crispy exterior. The fries I must warn you are not to everyone's taste. Drizzled in truffled-flavoured oil, it is more pungent than olive oil and could make new tasters cringe and possibly turn them away from trying anything truffle related in the future. Truffle-oil is not made with real truffles and has been in constant debate by chefs over its use in the kitchen for being chemically enhanced. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Eleven inch thin crust pizza topped with mushroom, onions, chicken pieces, BBQ sauce and smothered with cheese served atop a wire mesh and wood block. Simple, not too overpowering but forgettable. I would have liked the BBQ sauce to play a larger role rather than hide beneath the wonderfully generous amount of cheese.

Special mention really because Raindrops puts fresh cut strawberries in its jugs to flavour the water. I was especially taken by the visual presentation of strawberries floating about in the jug. So pretty. In case you were wondering, the water did take on a noticable strawberry taste.

Raindrops serves relatively affordable, simple Italian cuisine. Middle ground in terms of taste but makes for a great hang out place to catch up with friends over a drink or two. They do have an interesting spread of deserts which I might try the next time I drop by.

Price range: $10 - $30

Raindrops Cafe
2 Orchard Link, #02-38
Singapore 237978
Tel: 6834 4977

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 12pm-11pm
Fri 12pm-1am
Sat 11am-1am
Sun 11am-11pm


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