How to Win at the Races

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Laughing Gravy.

Lim's Shot.

Found yourself at the racecourse? There's a high chance a voice on the microphone is shouting out the winners and you're going why didn't I get on that horse? No worries. I'm about to let ya'll in on what I did to win* at the races.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Queen Elizabeth II Cup 2017 by the Singapore Turf Club. Where's that? It's in the beautifully remote Kranji district, close to the border of Johor.

The races were held in special homage to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the racecourse decked out in a classic British grandeur. All guests were served a scrumptious buffet spread with a free flow of wine, beer and juices, and there were also prizes to be won for the Best Hats on Track and also a lucky draw prize for guests to predict the winner of the Best Hats on Track.

Now how does one win?

1. Dress to Impress. Haha. This is more for the state of your photographs. But there's logic in dressing like a winner to usher in the luck. Make sure to be wearing your lucky red underwear for that extra kick of good fortune. You'd never know when lady luck with shower you with kisses.

Exhibit A. The photo below shows the winner of the Hats Contest (Red Facinator) - which reinforces that you should dress to win. In the middle is yours truly, the lucky draw winner for voting for her awesome red hat. I won a bottle of champagne! On the right is Miss Universe Singapore 2016. Ain't this a lovely line-up?

2. On horses. Follow your instincts.
I bet on a few of the races and while the programme came with the past performances of each of the horses, you won't really be winning with yourself if you only follow the crowd. Crowd favourites don't exactly have the highest payout so stick to your intuition.

I had a weird rule. I looked at both the odds but choose the names that are funny. The funnier, the more 'ong' - this was my personal rule. I ended up winning all 3 of the races that I bet on. Not bad eh.

3. Win with a smile. 

Win or not-win. It's a fun day out! This is about making sure that you win at life.

I'm not being wishy washy about this but we bore witness to a guest who was incredibly loud about losing his bets. NOT COOL.

*all tips are of my own personal inference and meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. Use at your own risk :)

Good luck to all you winners out there!


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