Social Experiment: Crushed Success at the National Gallery of Singapore

Edgar Degas once said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." 

It all started with a tiny piece of paper. I wasn't as bored as I let it out to be. You see, I adore spending my weekends at museums and, art galleries in particular, were my absolute favourite. There was always something surprising to discover and what I soon learned was that anyone. ANYONE. Could be an artist. It is all about visualization. Contextualization. Being bold. 

So what's a girl to do when the opportunity arises to show at the National Gallery of Singapore?

Take it.  

Step one: 
Choose your own favourite piece of work. Mine was a clear choice. This beautiful hand-crafted, palm molded artifact depicts man's dominion over the environment.  

Step two:
Watch the crowds roll in. 
It's not what it is. It is what it means to you. 

Are you watching this? 

I simply could not believe my own eyes. People were actually taking the trouble to look at my simple little piece of art in this amazing space of a museum. 

So what does it mean? 

Do we take whatever is shown to us at face value without question? How far are we willing to allow ourselves to be led? 

A very big thank you to National Gallery of Singapore and of course, the space in which I exhibited and borrowed for a few good moments. 

My heartfelt thank yous.
Disclaimer: Don't litter in public spaces. Behave yourself. This was a social experiment and was not meant to be a disrespectful act towards the Gallery or any of the persons taking part in the experiment. 


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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