The Critic Becomes The Artist

I've got a Blank Space baby

Those who art together, stay together
What happens when you put 3 novices, 3 blank canvases and a megaton of bottles of acrylic paint to shower a Color Run?

I was not expecting this. I hadn't touched a paint brush since my elementary school days and while the thought of opening yourself to critique may scare some, oh the permanence of it all; but now I know why painting is so addicting. A work by your own hands is always going to be more dear and intimate. I can also see the allure of why some artists prefer to paint in the nude. It can get messy!

Like all great artists, the key is to find yourself a reference to help get those artistic juices flowing! What shall it be for me? A landscape? A cute puppy? Or a bowl of fruit?

A photo posted by @graciegoesplaces on

A photo posted by @graciegoesplaces on

A photo posted by @graciegoesplaces on

A photo posted by @graciegoesplaces on

A photo posted by @graciegoesplaces on
Intrigued? If you are looking for alternative date ideas or just a fun hangout with some friends, check out My Art Space Cafe and Studio @ Orchard

We booked 2 days in advance and if you happen to be the first 3 of the day, you'll be getting the Jam Session at a discounted price of $39 per pax (all materials included plus a drink!). There are also classes for the would-be pros and masters where you'll be spending quality time honing your skills with an instructor.

I think I'm pretty pleased with myself. (insert cheesy smile)


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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