Cavalia Review: Acrobatics and Horsepower on Opening Night

Horsey love: Brother and I with the awesomely cute merchandise
There is an air of wonderment and whimsical fancy as one steps into the specially set-up 35-meter White Big Top at Marina Bay Sands. This will be Cavalia's first ever Asian debut in Singapore with a starring cast of 50 horses and 46 riders, acrobats and dancers. Don't miss it as it takes place right now until 28 September 2014.

Aptly titled, A Magical Encounter Between Man And Horse, Cavalia is every bit the magical experience from the moment of arrival at the gift shop and refreshments area to the White Big Top. Feel the excitement all throughout the show and onwards, if you had purchased the Horse Lover package, you'll get to visit the horses at their stables. An amazing treat for sure!

Cavalia, the brainchild of Normand Latourelle, one of the co-founders of the Cirque du Soleil, involves an exhilarating mix of acrobatics, aerial stunts, trick rides, dance and special effects. Not surprisingly it is often referred to as an equestrian ballet. Cavalia is very much the celebration of the equestrian arts as well as the bond between man and horse.

I was very impressed at the comedic elements and subtle touches of humour that the horses were able to put across to the audience. Most of all, I was simple awestruck at the level of understanding that the horses shared with their trainers. One of the most memorable performances that really had me at the edge of my seat were the trick riding portions.

Trick riding is when the rider performs acrobatic stunts while riding the horse such as standing upright or bending backwards while riding sideways. It really was a sight to behold watching five riders and their horses try to cheekily outdo one another.

Just when I thought the visual effects couldn't get any better, water was let into the 50-foot wide stage and horses were galloping and strutting across like a painting come to live.

With Cavalia, there's a sense of fantasy, somewhat similar to a dream-like atmosphere made even more surreal with the massive projector screens of gran backdrops and music played live. 

It doesn't take a horse love to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent beasts. I was fortunate enough to meet a friend who had a spare ticket to view the horses at their stables. To say that meeting the horses were sensational would be an understatement.

Each horse had its own area to call home. Their name, breed and other horsey details were on the front of their box stalls. Would it surprise you to know that all the horses in Cavalia are all male -stallions and geldings? Well according to the trainers, if there was a mare around, none of the horses would be able to concentrate!

I have to say, the horses at Cavalia are very, very well taken care off. They are treated like the star performers they are and incredibly well-trained. Much like people, they too have their own personalities and you can tell by the way some horses like the attention while others refuse to bother about us visitors.

A truly wonderful closing to a great opening night.

With just two more weeks of shows here in Singapore, you'd best be galloping to buy those tickets soon.

How to get there:

Take an MRT to Bayfront station. You can't miss Cavalia's white tents on Bayfront Avenue, besides Marina Bay Sands.

Location: Under the White Theatre Tent, Bayfront Avenue
Dates: August 12 - September 28, 2014
Tickets: Available at Cavalia or by calling +65 3158 6735, or at SISTIC.
Pricing : Available from S$58 to S$288 + applicable fees.


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