Let's go to the circus

What's a circus without a little fun and seduction?

A trip to the circus these days has evolved in more ways than one. For instance, no longer is the big great circus housed under a giant red top but in one of Singapore's most iconic locations, the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. Such is the contemporary circus or nouveau cirque that does away with animals and focuses on characterization and the creation of moods.

Enter Le Noir cirque.

Watch as some 20 or so Victoria Secret and Abercrombie-esque performers strut the 360 stage decked out in the thematic colours of white, red and black. Butterfly shaped confetti, ribbons, kite play and dazzling light strobes add to the fantastical circus partyscape as the audience coo their "ooohs" and "ahhhs" at each and every performance.

Seeing double. The Duo Trapeze act by Ukrainian twins Ruslana and Taisiia Baazaii.

At Le Noir, your classical ringleader is a clown. Played by the amiable Salvador Salangsang, the comical ringmaster, picks lucky souls with the fortune to be seated close to the stage to participate in his comedic sketches between the acts. The entire auditorium bursts in laughter at the awkwardness of the participants in clear response that sometimes, we really shouldn't take things (or life) too seriously.

Defying gravity with the Wheel of Death: Team Wheeloco

At the heart of this year's run of shows, is Le Noir's "Wheel of Death". The act is a complex, large rotating hooped frame that rotates at great speed while two performers carry out heart-stopping acrobatic stunts, and is a new addition to the cirque's lineup. Team Wheeloco, featuring Angelo Rodiguez and Carlos Macias, were certainly the main feature of last night's show. There were more than a few gasps and expletives even as Angelo and Carlos rode the wheel with masterful precision and tenacity. The most dangerous of the performance was of Carlos running the frame of the wheel while blindfolded. A truly, amazing spectacle as hailed by a standing ovation from the audience.

 The Hand to Hand performance - solid as a rock

Clearly, you haven't truly kicked off this year's summer until you've been to the circus.

Le Noir runs from 7 July to 29 July 2014.

Ticket prices start at $70. For more ticketing info, check out: SISTIC.sg or Marina Bay Sands Entertainment.

A special thank you to BASE Entertainment Asia.


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