10 Reasons to Watch Grease is the Word @MBS Singapore

Don on your leather jackets and dream of summer loving.

Having grown up to the tunes of Grease and captivated by the old-school romance between Danny and Sandy from the movie adaptation, I simply had to catch the musical which started the global sensation. I was invited by Base Entertainment to attend the gala opening night of Grease is the Word at the Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 25 April 2014.

Sandy brings all the boys to the yard.
Here are 10 reasons why you should watch Grease is the Word: 

1. It's the high school you wished you attended. Move over Glee and High School Musical, you youngins have nothing over Grease - where adolescent angst and teen spirit ruled in the 1950s.

2. Class-act wardrobes of leather jackets and fantastical A-line dresses are coming back as the fashion du jour.

The scene from Summer Lovin'.
3. Did I mention the amazing vocals and those snazzy dance moves? Makes you want to shape up knowing that the ladies need a man.

4. It's a multi-million dollar production and remains one of Broadway's longest running shows since it's first performance in 1971; and not to mention, it's currently right at our doorsteps for a limited 2-week run.

5. It was the musical that inspired the film and not the other way round.

6. Everyone's a straight-A student especially if you know the lyrics to Summer Lovin', Hopelessly Devoted to You, Grease Lightning and You Are the One that I Want.

Go Grease Lightning, Go!
7. THE HUMOUR. There's plenty of comic acts, mad antics and even subtle local Singaporean references to keep you in stitches throughout the show.

8. Bad is good afterall, #it'sgoodtobebad. It's not just the bad boys taking over the stage but the bad girls too. Afterall, bad girls do it well - cue Rizzo strutting and getting her game on.

Rizzo leads the rebellion.
9. It dares to be different. Back in the day, Grease was considered too raunchy and aggressive for the masses for tackling issues such as teenage pregnancy, gang violence, truancy and sex.

10. The musical score is sure to blow your bobby-socks off. Famously written entirely on guitar, Grease's notable score was composed by Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs

Principle Lynch leads the audience in song.
This revival from Australia, which opened in 1993, pulls out all the stops as there was no dull moment. From getting the audience to sing along to gibberish on an oversized blackboard and cueing us to clap along to the songs. The other cast members too get their own number, such as Beauty School Dropout and Those Magic Changes, which really show off each of their individual talent and vocal finesse.

All's well at Rydell.
Will Danny ever quit playing hard-to-get and just admit his feelings?
My one gripe would be the ending which seems a bit improbable. Nevertheless, with stellar performances and remarkable dance routines (especially those during the prom dance scene!), this two hour revival is certainly worth watching. So hurry and get your tickets at SISTIC or on the MBS site today! 

A special thank you to Base Entertainment Asia. Photo credits to the Grease is the Word official website.


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