It's A New Dawn

The very first sunrise of 2013 as witnessed by myself and 5 other mad hatters as we traversed across Sentosa island in the wee hours of the morning on foot on route to Harbourfront. 

Hello twenty thirteen. You are looking splendid today. To think that on this very day some 365 moon cycles ago, I was a freshly minted university student looking to embark on a intrepid journey of self-discovery, challenge, excitement and learning. I am proud to say that I've progressed  from that guileless kid I once was when I first attended orientation day to someone with a couple of battlescars and a sharper mind to conquer the bumps that might head in this direction. Watch out 2013. This girl is not taking any prisoners.

Has it been a year already? Boy did that move quickly. Bright orange walls not unlike the shade of a biohazard suit greet me with the same intensity as it did today as I strode in for the very first class of the year. Nope, I'm still not getting used to that shade orange my college building so proudly wears. I shudder each time I enter the grounds or pass it by.

When it comes to resolutions and changes, I get why people tend to opt for change at the beginning of the year. Much like opening a fresh page of a blank notebook, we start out with the mental motivation and thought of filling that space with the most beautiful illustrations and poetry known to mankind - only to find that we don't have the willpower to stick to them past February. So why do we still do it? Why resolute at all? In defence of the ever non-committal resolution, why not implement changes by increments? Tiny baby steps before the actual change. Take exercise for example. A recurring favourite of mine that makes it way into my annual top five. Before the new year, I had taken the initiative to embark on a daily routine of workouts despite the fact that I woke up late or had errands piled up. Allotting a mere 20-30 minutes a day was not going to throw me off my routine and I was right. It did not. I was more energized throughout the day and no longer was I aching for a nap during classes. By the time January came into view, I was more than certain I could accomplish my exercise goals. I made sure that I was either jogging, doing yoga, or pilates three times a week. In between, I would try some basic stretches. Not such a mammoth task after all.

As I cross out my absent-minded handwritten date of 2012 instead of 2013 on my new coursework profile handout, I am saying goodbye to a wonderful year of momentous change and lessons learnt. I've made new friends. Lost some. I saw a side of me that I didn't appreciate and that I still have much growing up to do. 2012 was on the overall, a remarkable year marked by me taking on Singapore by its Merlion mane and looking it in the eyes. Look mummy, I survived! And now I am going to do so much better. Welcome 2013.


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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