Elite Model Look: National Castings at Fullerton Bay Hotel

Ever dared to dream about what it would like to appear on a cover of a magazine, strut on the catwalks of fashion capitals adorned with the latest collections, become the face of a high-fashion brand, jet set across different time zones all while living in 5-star luxury suites and attending red carpet events? Soon, one of these girls will be one step closer to making that dream a reality. A welcome change from the doldrums of normalcy; a meteoric rise to the top. So is who is she? And can she handle it?

On the 27th of October, Elite Model Look Singapore held an exclusive Semi-Final National Casting Event on the rooftop of the Fullerton Bay Hotel to announce the 19 finalists. Among the scores of hundreds who auditioned online and at the live casting roadshows across the country, 48 girls and 22 boys were selected for the semi-final. And out of the 70, only the final 19 (12 girls and 7 boys) will move on to participate in the Grand Final on the 9th of November held at the legendary Hard Rock Coliseum in Resorts World Sentosa. 

SiWen, Me and Xi Yao
Two by two
I arrived just in time to catch the male participants begin their catwalk in front of the judging panel consisting of Eric Ceret, EML Singapore Director; Lisa Crosswhite, Founder and Director of Gnossem; and Justina Kozicki, head of Investor Relations at CastleBay Capital. While I was relieved to have made it, a photographer congratulated me on being superbly lucky to have timed my arrival in tune with the male models. There was no time for eye-rolling as I got to work snapping picture after picture of carefully practiced catwalks and gratuitous shirtlessness.

From left: Eric Ceret, Justina Kozicki and Lisa Crosswhite - panel of judges aka people who can make or break a model's future, so to speak.
During the deliberation period, the atmosphere was mixed with a buzzing of anxious waiting and enjoying the moment as the participants lost no time at all making their own memories and creating photographic moments with one another to savour the evening. With the skyline of the Marina Bay Sands beckoning at us in full electric regalia, I too joined in the trigger happy fun with no hesitation.

It was really welcoming to meet some of the models whom I had previously met at the W Hotel grand opening party as we chatted and mused on the outcome of the judges decisions. From what I gathered, most of the participants were there for the experience and whether or not they were selected, it didn't really matter since making it to the semi-finals was already an achievement in itself. Sound too vanilla to be believable? Well, yes, there would be disappointments but that feeling too shall pass. It's all about the experience as I was told.

Xi Yao, Me, Siwen and Anne
At the model's corner. I was told I needed higher heels to be granted access to this area. 
Just before the finalists are announced.
Oh boy.
Fabulosity. Flaunt it.
They look like they are ready to takeover GAP
As 7pm came, the models were given another opportunity to take to the catwalk in  pairs. Afterwhich came the announcement of the finalists. One by one, the names of each of the finalists were called out and the moment would only be best described as bittersweet as fellow participants hugged (for the girls) and high-fived (for the guys) each other.

The journey for these finalists has only just begun as they undergo an intensive 12-day modeling bootcamp of sorts complete with back-to-back photoshoots, fittings, videoshoots, runway training, makeup/hair styling workshops, and dress and stage rehearsals before the grand final on the 9th of November. The lineup also includes 5-star stays at the luxurious suites at the Fullerton, W Hotel and the Hard Rock Hotel and rock star treatment. The female winner will join the other winners from 70 countries for the World Final held in Shanghai on Dec 1st while the male winners will be given the opportunity to be selected by Elite Milan or Elite UK, and also locally by Upfront Models. With so much anticipation being built up, one can only expect that the finale be nothing short of spectacular. I for one, simply can’t wait.

Partner up and pose.
The  female finalists. One of the girls was not present when the results were announced hence the 11 you see here.
The male finalists
Victory jump. Why camera why can't you capture this properly?
Getting up close for more portrait shots.
A model's work is never quite done!
What's not to love?
Straight to the rooftop we go!


Occasional hand model with a taste for adventure.

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